The win we all needed

by Gabbie Aquino-Adriatico
Nov 11, 2020

Christian and I were waiting at the veterinarian clinic when we first found out about President
Elect Joe Biden and Madame Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. Christian excitedly told me that
Biden won! We started jumping in the parking lot and you could see our smiles outside of our
masks. Biden won, Harris won, which means we won. Our communities won.

I immediately exhaled because I didn’t realize that I have been holding my breath this entire
week. I was so excited that we had to take me to the local park so I could run and let my energy
out. As I ran, I felt layers of anxiety, exhaustion, and fear fall off. Each step I took, I felt myself
reclaim my inner power. I celebrated all weekend, knowing that there is so much work to be

What does this Biden/Harris win to me? Why were we so elated?

This was the win we all needed in 2020. This win does not mean all of our problems in society
will go away. This win means a new beginning to create positive change. This win means a
turning leaf from the disastrous 4 years with the growth Trumpism. This win means we can
start working towards change to create an inclusive society that recognizes the dignity and
worth of each individual. This win is a move towards social justice.

Let’s take this winning energy and channel it into justice work for our communities. This is an
uphill battle but the results from this election signifies that there is so much power in
community and when we all get together, we can’t be stopped!