America, a country of possibilities

by Melissa Singh
Nov 8, 2020

When I heard that Biden won, I was in the middle of reflecting upon the storytellers of my life. At that moment, I was holding my grandmother, grandfather, cousin, and father in mind and thinking about all of the obstacles and struggles they faced. I peeked at social media and saw the headlines. I want to say that I completely exhaled, but it seemed to good to be true.

I reviewed my family’s safety plan and considered supplies that may be needed not only for this election, but the impending hurricane. I exhaled.

I logged on to Facebook and shared a TikTok of Biden because music always soothes my soul. I exhaled.

I continued cleaning my spaces for Diwali and my soul. I reflected upon why this election meant so much to the country and the world. I exhaled.

A sketchbook that I ordered arrived and I painted fire on the first page. I exhaled.

I cuddled with my little girl as our allergies gave us itchy eyes and incredible sneezes. I exhaled.

I watched the TEMA Diwali show. I exhaled.

Kamala Harris told little girls that America was a country of possibilities. I exhaled.

I choose not to look back. We have suffered, we have grieved, and we have fought. Be present. If you have not, it is time to exhale because every breath fuels the body for the next step.