Harvest of Survivors

by Homegirl Box
October 26, 2020

In 2016, we sat on election night, bracing for the world to end. In these 4 years, our world(s) have ended and ended over again. We thought that there could be nothing new under this sun, and yet we found new suns. And we became suns to each other. No matter the outcome of a single election— we fight, we rest, we create, we change, we show up. We will have to fight either way. We are relentless (as our ancestors have been) in shaping and reshaping this world.

Our invitation is to do whatever you need to do for yourself, your family, your community. Whatever helps you survive the white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, capitalism we live in every day. Honor the tools, the rituals, the people that make you feel good because pleasure is still our birthright.

We are a harvest of survivors —
and then again that's what we’ve always been

If you’re looking for tools to move through what feel like apocalyptic times, download a free preview of our Harvest of Survival deck or buy one for yourself, a homegirl, or homie who you are envisioning new worlds alongside.

We deserve joy.

We deserve holding.

We deserve presence.

And we will each other’s salve today, tomorrow, and every day we survive.